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The Rocking Chair – Bradley J. Fest

Price: $19.99

The Rocking Chair – Bradley J. Fest

Price: $19.99



Bradley J. Fest’s debut work, The Rocking Chair, is a long poem that emerges from the detritus of contemporaneity, absorbing and accumulating whatever it can from the networked chaos of the overmediated present. Assembled from science fiction and the western, critical theory and hardcore, videogames and phenomenology, footnotes and simulation, diabolism and hyperarchivalism (etc.), this work yawps through diverse material and discursive registers. Working from the footnote and endnote as primary formal constraints, Fest invents a poetry in conversation with the Man with No Name as much as John Ashbery, Alain Badiou, Stephen Hawking, or The Blood Brothers. The poems abuse textuality through misplaced rigor and confused genre archetypalism, across sections and subsections of lyric reflection and play, in order to discover vibrant and vital materialitites. As humorous as it is deeply serious—declaring the task of “making anxiety fun”—The Rocking Chair seeks to articulate an imaginary commensurate with life in the twenty-first century by enacting a poetics of assemblage and emergence.

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Bradley J. Fest teaches literature at the University of Pittsburgh.

132 pgs.

ISBN: 978-1-942547-02-0
Author: Fest, Bradley J.
Publisher: Blue Sketch Press
Subject: Poetry/American
Publication Date: 20150801
Language: English

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