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The Swallows (2nd Ed.) – Adriana E. Ramirez

Price: $14.99

The Swallows (2nd Ed.) – Adriana E. Ramirez

Price: $14.99


Adriana E. Ramirez takes on ex-boyfriends, the complex conversations between dogs and birds, as well as the scars of Junior High in The Swallows. Her poetry is about migration, about the ways, like swallows, circumstances and weather can drive a person quite South. As much as it is about birds, the collection is always about hunger, desire, and wanting to be swallowed whole. The language is electric, and the mood soars smoothly–bumps handled with precision.

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Adriana E. Ramírez is a 2015 PEN/Fusion award-winning nonfiction writer, storyteller, digital maker, and performance poet based in Pittsburgh. More information on her can be found at


ISBN: 978-1-942-54703-7
Author: Ramirez, Adriana E.
Publisher: Blue Sketch Press
Subject: Poetry/Latino
Publication Date: 20160315
Language: English, some Spanish

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